Nursery Kids FilmstripYour young children have a safe place to go

We're proud to offer our members and guests an attractive, clean, and secure nursery, with two staff nursery care providers present at all times. All childcare staff members and supervised support volunteers are trained and held to strict child protection guidelines. We hope you and your child will enjoy using the nursery at First Wayne Street. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact Anna Zartman, our Director of Congregational Life & Nurture. 

The nursery opens at 8:45 am on Sunday mornings and remains open through the end of the worship service. It is also staffed during Wednesday evening's Making the Connection & Sanctuary Choir rehearsal on that same evening and at other special times, based on need.

The nursery is for children from birth through 6 years of age. For the well-being of everyone in our nursery, we ask that you do not bring a sick child into the nursery for care. 

The nursery is always stocked with water, toys, books, paper & crayons, and on Sunday mornings, the nursery gets its very own tray of donuts, and Cheerios are always available.