The Word on the Street

The Word on the Street

How Goes It With Your Soul?

The question is deeply rooted in our Wesleyan Heritage! John and Charles Wesley, in their zeal to restore vibrancy and authenticity in the practice of faith in their day, formed small covenant groups in the Methodist Movement within which the laity discipled one another. The small... [ Full Post ]

A Time of New Beginnings

Jan•u•ar•y / janyə werē / (in Latin, Ianuarius)/ The first month of the year, named after Janus, the Roman god of doors, gates and beginnings. I love beginnings. I love the beginning of a new day – awakening rested and filled with hopeful anticipation concerning... [ Full Post ]

All I Want for Christmas

All I Want for Christmas by Pastor Greg Enstrom    What do you want for Christmas?  I mean, really want for Christmas?  What are you willing to do to get it?  It seems there are those who would do whatever it takes to get what they want.  You’ve no doubt... [ Full Post ]

Advent Season & Christmas Eve Schedule

Advent Season at First Wayne Street United Methodist Church  First Wayne Street’s Pastor Greg Enstrom has put together a sermon series for this Advent Season. This sermon series will not only show the joy, happiness and love of the Christmas season, but will also acknowledge the pain... [ Full Post ]


I have always thought of Fall as a time of “transition.” It’s not that the same can be said of the movement that takes place between the other seasons; it’s just that in the Fall we purposefully assess where we’ve been and are, as we intentionally give thought to the future. [ Full Post ]

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