The Word on the Street

The Word on the Street

Good News 2

I believe that “good news” – like “bad news” – has an exponential effect. Amidst all the “bad news” in the daily news recently, and especially given the plight of children in today’s world, I thought you might like to hear some Uplifting and... [ Full Post ]

The Lazy Days of Summer

“Come away with me to a quiet place.” — Jesus, Mark 6:31 An expression I heard a lot growing up, but which seems to have fallen by the way side in re- cent years, is the lazy days of summer. I say it is time we resurrect it!   I like the idea of having life slow... [ Full Post ]

Better Than Authentic

I drive past a marquee for a restaurant on the way to work every day that reads: “Better than Authentic.”   “How is that,” I ask? How can something be “better” than “authentic?” Doesn’t “authentic” mean genuine, bona fide... [ Full Post ]

Easter Tsunami

A shaking of the foundations of human history occurred on the first Easter Sunday. The earthquake that dislodged the stone that sealed Jesus’ tomb produced an Easter Tsunami that washed the Roman Empire with the good news of the gospel. The tide of grace continues to effect hope in... [ Full Post ]

The End Is Near or Beginning Anew?

What does Easter mean to you? Is Easter the culmination of Lent and, therefore, the end of what has been a long, tedious and joyless season of introspection, spiritual reflection and repentance? Or is Easter a glorious, life-affirming, celebrative time of new beginning? Is Easter... [ Full Post ]