The Word on the Street

The Word on the Street

It’s Time for Civility in Discourse

Why do we find it so hard to “agree to disagree”? Is it not a foundational premise of democracy and free speech to respect another’s right to hold an opinion, even when contrary to your own, instead of resorting to mudslinging, name calling, and misleading, if not false... [ Full Post ]

Lift Off!

If you missed last Sunday's service at First Wayne Street, you missed out on a wonderful morning. We had a beautiful Maypole in Fellowship Hall, an uplifting service with tons of beautiful music and a great message, new photos & banners in all kinds of places (by the nursery, over the... [ Full Post ]


The official launch of our new church branding and social media web site is set for May 6. We’re nearing lift-off. I’m confident the congregation will be pleased with our new church logo, tag line and website. While our new logo is fresh and vibrant, it is also... [ Full Post ]