The Word on the Street

The Word on the Street

Hope Springs Eternal

“Hope springs eternal.” You are, no doubt, familiar with the expression? When all seems lost… when we’ve hit a brick wall, dead end, nowhere to turn, case closed – still, against all odds, against reason, against fate itself – the human spirit persists in... [ Full Post ]

The Bermuda Triangle

Everyone is familiar with The Bermuda Triangle, the points of which are Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico, within which many a ship and crew have mysteriously vanished without explanation or trace. The area is also referred to as The Devil’s Triangle – a danger zone within the bounds... [ Full Post ]

La La Land

The movie La La Land was just nominated for 14 Oscars – matching two other classics for the most nominations ever. It is a fanciful musical – dreamlike – with music and dancing. Not quite what the general public would have expected from Hollywood, given the gravity of almost... [ Full Post ]

New Beginnings

I’ve never understood why we begin the calendar year in January. Fields & forests are barren, skies are grey, the ground is hard and lifeless, & ponds are covered with ice. One would think April or May would be a better time to begin the new year – trees in bud, birds... [ Full Post ]

A Leaf from the Notebook of a Parish Pastor

Our baby had a baby. Our first grandchild, James Nicholas Madison, was born to Claireand Nick on Monday, November 14, in Greenwood. It seems only yesterday that Clairewas 3… I was working in the parsonage office while the girls were playing, with Peter at school. At one point I realized... [ Full Post ]

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