The Word on the Street

The Word on the Street

God Is Good - Jesus Saves

The following conversation is reported to have taken place in the celestial manse (not to be confused with cyber space), according to Wikileaks… God: I have seen the affliction of my people who are in the U.S., and have heard their cry because of their general election; I know their... [ Full Post ]

Family Fun Fall Fest!

Parents, grandparents, cousins, & friends are invited to come to our Family Fun Fall Fest for a fun time on Saturday, October 29 from 3 to 5 pm. There will be kids & youth games to play. There will be relay races, self face painting, popcorn, cupcakes, cookies and... [ Full Post ]

A Picture Parable

What do you see in the above sketch? Do you see a duck? I see a duck. But there are those who see something more. They also see a rabbit. I see the rabbit too. Do you see the rabbit? Having been made aware of the illusion, you probably see both the duck and the rabbit now. And yet... [ Full Post ]

WOWS Concert Series Returns

First Wayne Street and the Adventures in the Musical Arts (AIMA) present this fall's Wednesdays on Wayne Street Concert Series. WOWS recitals take place on four consecutive Wednesdays in the months of June and October, at 12:15 pm.  Each concert showcases a free 30-minute... [ Full Post ]

All I Ever Wanted

A number of years back, I came across a piece of poetry that spoke powerfully to bothheart and soul – poignant, yet profound; a touch of melancholy, but with meaning beyond measure. I have kept a copy of it tucked away in the Bible that was presented to me by Bishop Hodapp at my... [ Full Post ]

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