The Word on the Street

The Word on the Street

Jesus at the Center (from a Bishop Coyner E-Pistle)

I had just preached for the opening worship of the School of Congregational Development. Right after the service, a young man introduced himself as a reporter and asked: “Where do we start, what is most important as we seek to obey the Great Commission (which had been the focus... [ Full Post ]

"Go Set a Watchman" Book Study

Beginning on Wednesday, September 16, Pastor Greg Enstrom will lead a six-week Making the Connection book study on Harper Lee’s newly released novel, Go Set a Watchman. Each class is held between 6:00 and 7:30 pm. Those wanting to be a part of this group may order their books at... [ Full Post ]

The Main Thing Is to Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing

Jesus Christ is the main thing! Proclaiming and sharing the love of God in Jesus Christ is the main thing! Growing disciples for Jesus Christ is the main thing!  It’s not that we forget what the main thing is as Christ’s church, but the cultural distractions are many... [ Full Post ]

Excess Baggage

Pastor Greg Enstrom will begin a three-week sermon series on July 12 titled: “Excess Baggage” July 5 - Communion SundayScripture: John 8:31-36, True DiscipleshipSermon: “Free for All”Text: The truth will make you free. —John 8:32 July 12 – Sermon Series... [ Full Post ]

Clearing Out the Clutter

I’ve been clearing out the clutter in my life… I’ve just completed the twelfth year as your pastor. In that time, a lot of paper has piled up – stacks of paper – in file cabinets, on shelves, under tables, in the closet. I was beginning to think the Trustees would... [ Full Post ]

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