The Word on the Street

The Word on the Street

Summer Happiness

They speak of the Winter Blues, so why not Summer Happiness? If, as the writer of Ecclesiastes indicates – everything has its season – then we must be due for a change of seasons that brings with it some good news, some fun, sun & respite, as well as lots of... [ Full Post ]

Sharing the Story

 I love a good story – whether it is truth or fantasy (for even fantasy contains elements of truth). The Diary of Anne Frank, "The Itsy Bitsy Spider," and How I Met Your Mother all tell a tale worth hearing. We learn from stories. We are challenged by stories. We are encouraged by... [ Full Post ]

Children & Youth Musical: The Solid Rock Cafe - It Rocked!

  On April 12, our children & youth wowed us again with this year's musical: The Solid Rock Cafe. Thanks to everyone - young people and adults - who made the service so uplifting and inspiring! We have some amazingly talented kids at First Wayne Street. We are so thankful for all the... [ Full Post ]

Passionate Living

What’s your passion? It is a question that I have asked often in ministry. What gives your life desire, excitement, and meaning? What gives you focus…keeps you going…makes life worth the living? What is it that, when it is absent, throws you into depression? The answers... [ Full Post ]

Don't You Hate Being Imposed Upon?

During this year’s Ash Wednesday Observance I found myself reflecting upon the meaning of the word “imposition,” as it had suddenly occurred to me that it is not a popular word – certainly not in its common usage. We don’t like other imposing upon us. We... [ Full Post ]

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