The Word on the Street

A Picture Parable

What do you see in the above sketch? Do you see a duck? I see a duck. But there are those who see something more. They also see a rabbit. I see the rabbit too. Do you see the rabbit?

Having been made aware of the illusion, you probably see both the duck and the rabbit now. And yet, not everyone will see both.

There will remain those who can only see the duck and nothing more. Among their number, there will also be a few that will not only insist that the above is a picture of a duck, only a duck and nothing else, but who will carry their conviction a step further by insisting that everybody else see it only as a duck too. You think I jest? Trust me, they are out there.

Their positon can be a tempting one. Do we really want to encourage people to think that there may be more than one way of looking at something?

Still, the fact remains that there are those of us who see both a duck and a rabbit!

You tend to see in life that for which you are looking. If you live with the suspicion that people are inherently bad, and that evil is the dominate force at work in the universe, then you won’t be disappointed. There will be plenty in life with which to find fault. You will miss seeing a lot that is good, though! Before you can see the good, you do have to look for it. Before you can see the rabbit, you have to be open to the possibility that it exists.

Jesus, who revealed God’s attitudes, always saw deeply into people’s lives to see the good there. He did not condemn Peter for his weakness – Jesus appealed to his strength and developed his character. Nathaniel was a prejudiced, hot-blooded bigot who said, “Nothing good can come out of Nazareth.” He did not love Jesus, but Jesus loved him. Jesus saw his good and called it forth. In example after example throughout the Gospels, when some saw only sinners, Jesus saw persons of sacred worth.

I wonder what Jesus would see in the above drawing? I’ve got it! He would see a duck and a rabbit, both worthy of his love.

Let those who have ears – like my rabbit friend above – hear.

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