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Sanctuary Sound & Multimedia "Good" News

The First Wayne Street Sanctuary has had problems with its “sound system” from the beginning. While the musical acoustics are excellent, the spoken word has always suffered. This is largely due to existing architectural angles and hard surfaces, i.e., brick side walls and terrazzo flooring. That combination creates tremendous reverberation of sound waves, which then wreak havoc with amplification feedback.

Members’ frustration in hearing can also be attributed to other contributing factors: where one sits, who is speaking (certain voice ranges carry well, others do not), personal hearing deficiencies (people lose their hearing in different ranges), the person speaking has either not had the microphone set for his/her range or is improperly using the microphone, and operator error.

Over the 40 years of the life of our sanctuary there have been several attempts to draw upon advancements in technology in addressing the sound system’s hardware problems. Some improvement has been experienced each time. The last update to our sound system was in 2004. Much has changed in sound technology in the intervening nine (9) years.

The Board of Trustees has had a group working for over a year with leading area sound system specialists to address the sound problem, in conjunction with adding multi-media capabilities. The process has been a thorough one, in which three firms were consulted and asked to submit recommendations and bids. We have received those recommendations and bids. The three firms are:

1) ASG Group (collaborating with Sweetwater Sound), who did the Grand Wayne Convocation Center; 2) Rider Productions, who has done work for the Embassy Theater and a variety of performance venues; and 3) CIM Technology Solutions. 

The Trustees’ Sound and Multi-media Group is ready to share its findings and recommendations to any and all who are interested. You are invited on Sunday, February 10 to attend one of two presentations on recommendations, cost, and a plan of action: 1) Pre-service Presentation – 9:15-9:45 am in the sanctuary; or 2) Post-Service Presentation – 11:15-11:45 am in the sanctuary.

Please come. Be informed. Give support.

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