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It’s hot outside!

It’s hot outside!

Memorial Day was a record-breaking day of heat in Fort Wayne, Indiana! We attributed the high-90 degree weather as the reason we couldn’t seem to get the parsonage very cool. Later that evening, my husband discovered the compressor outside was making a strange sound and the a/c fan was not turning. What a time to have the air conditioning go out, but it is the time when it should be running that you discover it’s not. The repair service came out late Tuesday afternoon and discovered it was a $3 part that had malfunctioned and they got us up and running. But it was my husband who hung out all day in a hot house waiting for them to come, while I jumped into an air conditioned car to drive to the church.  Ahhhhhh!  Cool air in the car!

I have become spoiled with modern conveniences. We never had air conditioning when I was growing up as a kid. Not in our house. Not at school. And nobody I knew. And we managed. In our four-bedroom, two-story house with five kids and two parents, my dad would open all the windows and try to strategically place a box fan in the hallway to get the air moving, all the while shouting, “Just lay still!  You’ll feel it in a minute!” Usually we fell asleep before we ever “felt it.” But we managed.

It was a simpler time and I am trying to simplify my life. What is really important? What is really essential? At the same time, I do enjoy the gift of modern conveniences… like air conditioning!  And that day I was grateful for it. But it also got me thinking (with gratitude) about the many blessings in my life and praying for others who do not have what I do.

Memorial Day has been a time to be grateful and to thank God for my many blessings.

Thank you, Lord, for family and friends who love and encourage me.

Thank you, Lord, for being called into ministry and the privilege of serving a wonderful church.

Thank you, Lord, for living in a free country and for those who have served her faithfully.

Lord, turn my gratitude into action on behalf of others.

Blessings, Pastor Cheryl