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Winter Weather Policy

Sunday morning Sunday School and worship services will only be cancelled when city officials order that only emergency vehicles are authorized to be on city streets. Cancellation of weekday programming is automatic with the closing of Fort Wayne Community Schools.

Combined Adult Sunday School Classes

The Seekers and The ROCK Sunday School classes will be combined on January 13, 20 and 27, for a special overview of David Seel’s book, The New Copernicans.

Please note earlier start time of 8:45 A.M.

‘The Religious Nones’

“Millennials (born 1980 to 2000) comprise 23 percent of the United States population, but fewer than 10 percent of churches reflect this level of representation.  According to a study of more than 4,400 churches by FaithCommunitiesToday.org, 18 percent of churches report no young adult presence in their congregations.  According to Pew Research Center, 78 percent…

What’s Inside?

What’s Inside? I sliced the orange open and bit into the sweet, juicy fruit.  As I pulled the slices apart, pulling the rind back, I noticed that the orange had marks and scars on the outside.  This orange wasn’t like most of the oranges in the supermarket that look perfect, but are grown more for…

As Yourself

“I’m just exhausted!” she said. Between caring for her family, doing her best at work, volunteering in several organizations, she was simply exhausted. “I know I should be getting more exercise and should eat better, but when you are tired and exhausted, it just seems easier to grab something on the way home. I don’t…

Giving Voice to Thanks

The Rev. John Beaty was pastor of a small United Methodist Church of which we were members. One day in a small Bible study group he said to me, “Today you are in the transportation business, but some day I see you in the transformation business.” His was one of the voices that would play…