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Children’s Musical 2018: The Big Fish – Jonah’s Whale of a Tale

On Sunday, February 18, our kids and youth presented the musical “The Big Fish: Jonah’s Whale of a Tale.” They did an outstanding job sharing God’s message as sung in the song “It’s a Miracle”: “you don’t have to be the perfect one to do God’s will and get some great things done, just be willing now to do your part. You don’t have to be the smartest one. After all is said and done, you just have to be waiting with an open heart.” Amen!

Thanks to Phyllis Boester, our awesome children’s music director, for preparing our choir and to Dr. Geoffrey North for his outstanding piano accompaniment. David Phillips was our sound technician, a behind-the-scenes hero. Co-directors Deb Holbrook & Sheri Stark provided expertise in staging of the cast and scenery construction, a gold mine to us. A big thank you to the parents who brought their children to practices and practiced with their children to ready them for their parts in the musical. And last but not least are our talented cast members: our children & youth! We are thankful to all the church members who came to this service to support our children and youth ministry. God is good.