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Life at the Table

A unique dinner church experience!  Join us for dinner, discussions, relationship-building, acceptance, laughter, and more.  Jesus invites everyone to His table, and so do we!  All are welcome!

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Are you looking for something different in a church? Do you want something beyond or instead of a traditional Sunday service?

Whether you are seeking a more relaxed, casual approach to faith or find it challenging to get to a traditional service, First Wayne Street UMC seeks to help you find your place. Life at the Table is a unique ministry in the heart of Fort Wayne that encourages open hearts and open conversation while sharing a meal. Break bread with us at 6 pm the third Thursday of the month! (Please note that Life at the Table devotionals are taking place virtually in accordance with stay-at-home orders in the State of Indiana.)

What is Life at the Table?
Life at the Table is hosted by members of First Wayne Street United Methodist Church. It is a way to discuss the word of God with acceptance and without judgement. By hosting a message and discussion over a meal, you can feel at ease and encouraged to explore and affirm your faith. Life at the Table is a safe place to share your faith experiences and questions.

Who should come to Life at the Table?
Jesus welcomes all to his table, and all means ALL.
You can be a member of First Wayne Street United Methodist Church. You can be a member of another Methodist Church, another denomination, or no church at all. You can be someone who works in downtown Fort Wayne, lives downtown, or just wants to visit downtown.  You can be a millennial who wants more from a church, or someone who has been a church member for 70 years. 

What should I expect when I show up to Life at the Table?
Expect a warm welcome and friendly faces. Plan to arrive at 5:30 p.m. so that you can say hi, grab a cup of coffee and find a seat. Dinner begins at 6 p.m. and a brief sermon will follow.