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Create a lasting legacy with estate gifts

Have you ever considered what kind of a legacy you will leave behind after you are gone? 

A number of faithful Christians have chosen to remember the First Wayne Street United Methodist Foundation in their estate planning and their gifts may create inspiration and ideas for you as well. In addition to gifts to the First Wayne Street UMC General Foundation Fund, some donors have also chosen to designate their legacy gift for a specific use—such as the John Loessi Organ Fund, Barr Memorial Fund, Pond Scholarship Fund and Robert Allen Scholarship Fund.

Contact FWS Foundation Board President, Stan Phillips, Finance Chair Peg Candor or Pastor Cheryl for more information.

John Loessi Organ Fund

John Loessi, Associate Professor of Music at IPFW, was also the Director of the Choral Program at First Wayne Street from 1965 until his death in 1993 as well as Director of the Philharmonic Chorus from 1979 to 1989.  John greatly expanded the music program of FWS and was responsible for the church’s purchase of a world-renowned Beckerath German Tracker organ, which we still are privileged to enjoy today.  The “John Loessi Organ Fund” was established in 1993 for long-range maintenance of the 1974 Beckerath Pipe Organ.

Barr Memorial Fund 

The Barr Memorial Music Find is money that was donated in 1984 in memory of Ronald W. Barr to supplement and enhance the Sunday Worship Music Program at First Wayne Street UMC in keeping with the traditionally high standards of the Church as determined by the Director of Music in consultation with the Program Staff. 

Allen Memorial Bell Fund and The Sally Kemp Concert Series Fund

Established in 1997 by Agnes E. Allen in memory of her husband, Richard N. Allen, who was instrumental in the original acquisition of the tower bells, the Allen Memorial Bell Fund is for the sole purpose of maintenance and/or repair of the tower bells at the church.  The Sally Kemp Concert Series Fund was established in 2008 with a bequest for use by the Music Department, and if not needed by the Music Department, for any other use as the administrative board might designate.

Scholarship funds

The Pond Scholarship Fund was established in March of 2008 to perpetuate the memory and life’s work of Rosemary Pond, by providing post-secondary education residential housing scholarship assistance to a deserving person who is an active and participating constituent of First Wayne Street.  Grants are for residential housing in the amount of $1200 and are non-renewable.

The Robert Allen Scholarship serves to perpetuate the memory and ideals of Dr. Robert D. Allen, by providing post-secondary education scholarship assistance to deserving persons residing in the Greater Metropolitan area of Fort Wayne in the pursuit of career goals that serve humanitarian causes.  Dr. Allen, DDS, was a Fort Wayne United Methodist who labored tirelessly for social justice, equality, human dignity and peace during the 1960s.

Auer Foundation Fund

This fund was established in 2010 to serve as the holding account for the annual $15,000 gift from the Robert and Ione Auer Foundation, which was directed by the Charge Conference of FWS to be used for the 2010 West and East Parking Lot Improvements that we enjoy today.  The $75,350 cost of the project was funded by a loan, which was repaid annually from the Auer Foundation Fund.

The Rev. Dr. Gerald H. and Minnie Lee Jones Fund

This fund was established with a bequest from the Jones Estate in January of 2011, “to be used for mission projects”.  Their son and church member, Dave Jones, along with his siblings share a unanimous desire that the annual distribution from this fund be used for church camperships and youth mission trips, in keeping with their parents’ strong support of these programs.

Bishop R. Sheldon and Marjorie Duecker Fund

This fund was etablished as Bishop R. Sheldon Duecker was dying in July, 2011.  Bishop Duecker’s directive was that the fund be used for “church camperships, youth mission trips, or training events for staff members and laity.