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Exploring love: A lenten journey

As we embark on the upcoming season of Lent, we find ourselves in a unique alignment of the liturgical calendar with the more secular calendar. This year, the season of Lent commences on none other than Valentine’s Day, with Ash Wednesday falling on February 14th.

It may seem paradoxical at first – the juxtaposition of the “day of love” and the day of ashes.

However, as we delve into this season of reflection, repentance, and fasting, we discover that the two concepts intertwine in profound ways. Lent is not merely a period of self-examination in isolation, but an opportunity to align our lives with the life of Jesus.

Discipleship Ministries aptly describes Lent as “a time of self-reflection and spiritual examination. It is a sobering journey as we lay our lives alongside that of Jesus. 

“Yet, what we find in this examination is not condemnation; instead, we are overwhelmed by the depths of love that Jesus has for each one of us. Lent beckons us to get our spiritual house in order, but above all, it extends an invitation to commit to love as Christ loves.”

Throughout this Lenten season, our focus will be on exploring the Gospels and reflecting on the profound love that Jesus has for each of us. 

Let us approach this season with a spirit of sacrifice, fasting, and deep reflection. May we also find time for increased prayer, delve into the scriptures through Bible study, and engage wholeheartedly in worship. These practices are not mere rituals but avenues that draw us closer to God and deepen our faith.

As we navigate this season together, let us support and uplift one another in our individual journeys of spiritual renewal. May the sacrifices we make and the time we invest in prayer, study, and worship become stepping stones to a richer and more profound connection with God.

— Pastor Jason Morris

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  1. Amen. I drove to the church on Tuesday morning to deliver my Easter flower money and a member opened the door for me and asked for the password. I said – God is Love. Maybe that should be it?
    I sure do my best to support our members and hope it matters to them.

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