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Koinonia class tackles study about tough topics

“This is not a topic I can talk about!”
Perhaps you’ve had an experience that makes you uncomfortable. Maybe you said something that another person took as offensive. Or it might be that you think of yourself as a good person and you are anxious that you can never be “good enough” when it comes to race …because you are a white person.

The Koinonia class, with Marilyn Moran-Townsend as guide for this journey, is going to tackle the subject of the Christian response to racism. First and foremost, this will be a safe environment, with the help of two wonderful Christian authors. Our goal will be to care for each other’s emotions as we learn together.

The study will take place for several Sundays, beginning February 3.

Topics will include:

  • Race is a story
  • America’s Original Sin
  • Beloved Community
  • Repentance
  • The New Jim Crow
  • Welcoming the Stranger
  • When we are no longer the majority…the Anxious bench
  • Grace and Gratitude
  • Bearing Witness

Resource Books:
“Anxious to Talk About It,” Carolyn Helsel
“America’s Original Sin,” Jim Wallis

About Koinonia:

Koinonia is a Sunday School class for adults who enjoy a variety of topics and outreach ministry. They have shared leadership with discussions on a variety of topics ranging from Scripture to current events to religious humor. Guest speakers are often invited to provide information about their jobs and missions, to which the class often responds by becoming involved with those various community missions. The class is currently in partnership with Indian Village Elementary School and supports the school through prayer, donations, teacher assistance, etc. The class has outings at various times and a class dinner in the fall. Seeking to live up to the meaning of the word “Koinonia,” this class strives for both an inner goodness – through studying the Scriptures, for example – and an outer goodness – by reaching out in fellowship to one another and others, and by serving our church, our community, and beyond