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Learn to see God in Grief

In GriefShare we learn about  GOD’S HEALING PATH.

The first four stages in a biblical response to grief involve sustaining in suffering. The second four stages relate to heal ing in suffering. Always remember that these “stages” are a relational process, not sequential steps. Grieving and growing is not a neat, nice package. It is messy, almost like our summer garage sale.

Grieving and growing is messy because life is messy. Moving through hurt to hope is a two-steps-forward, one-step- backwards endeavor. We don’t “conquer a stage” and never return to it. Rather than picturing a linear, step-by-step route, imagine a three-dimensional maze with many possible paths, frequent detours, backtracking, and even the ability to reside in more than one “stage” at the same time.

Our group has learned to relate to God and each other in the Grief process.  As  a congregation you can provide prayer support and visit a session.  Each lesson is stand alone, but they are most helpful when attended in order. 

Remember, positive movement is possible. In fact, it is promised. You can find God’s healing for your losses. You can find hope in your hurt. Whatever your grieving experience has been like up to this point, don’t quit. As God tells us in the Bible don’t give up — look up to God.

Join the journey. Experience the biblical reality that it’s normal to hurt and necessary to grieve. Learn how to move from denial to personal honesty (candor), from anger to honesty with God (complaint), from bargaining to asking God for help (crying out), and from depression to receiving God’s help (comfort).

Stay on the path. Experience the biblical reality that it’s possible to hope and supernatural to grow. Learn how to move from regrouping to trusting with faith (waiting on God), from deadening to groaning with hope (wailing to God), from despair to perceiving with grace (weaving in God’s truth), and from digging cisterns to engaging with love (worshipping God and ministering to others).

God truly does provide you with everything you need for life and godliness. Through the Word of God, the Spirit of God, and the people of God, we have all we need for our healing journey. 

— Pastor Jan Funk