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Making the Connection Fall Semester Schedule Announced

Church is not just about a building. It’s about the connections — with God, the people, and the community. We want to help you make those connections with our fall programming.

An exciting lineup features adult classes, including “Geography of God: Exploring the Christian Journey,” “Natural History of Eagle Marsh” and “Gardening: Preparing to Bring Plants Indoors for the Winter.”

The session begins Sept. 18 and ends Oct. 23.

Children’s activities include a variety of crafts, games and music to enrich their faith experience.

Youth can gather together for study, fellowship and fun.

Early Session — 4 to 5:30 pm

“Geography of God: Exploring the Christian Journey”
Room: 2nd floor Parlor
A Geography of God: Exploring the Christian Journey, by Rev. Michael Lindvall, former pastor at First Pres in Fort Wayne, takes the reader on a journey across the wild, unpredictable, and finally, joyful landscape of the Christian life. Saints, poets, novelists and theologians are the fascinating travel companions along the way, and Lindvall’s luscious prose style makes every step of the journey full of insight and pleasure.
Note: Class sign-up deadline is September 11 so that class books may be ordered.
Book Cost: $15.00
Leader: Pastor Cheryl Garbe
(This study runs September 25-December 4.)

“Natural History of Eagle Marsh”
Room 115
Come learn about Eagle Marsh, a 756-acre wetland nature preserve in Fort Wayne. Weekly discussion topics are as follows: 1) Glaciation; 2) Human History of the area; 3) Pre-settlement Natural History of landscape; 4) Plant Restoration; 5) Birds of Eagle Marsh; and 6) Other Landscape Creatures (Butterflies/Snakes/Turtles, etc.).
Leader: Sam Schwartz

Meal and Informal Fellowship — 5 to 6 pm

A light meal is served in Fellowship Hall with a “free will” offering.

Evening Session — 6 to 7:30 pm

“Gardening: Preparing to Bring Plants Indoors for the Winter”
Room 119
Learn from an Allen County Master Gardener how to prepare your plants for the move indoors. Discussion topics include bug/mold detection, soil and environment changes, best time to move plants, lighting and warmth requirements, and more.
Leader: Vivian Bickley
(This program will be the first 2 or 3 weeks of the semester)

“Geography of God: Exploring the Christian Journey”
Room 115
This class is also being offered in the evening session.

Healing School
Room 220
Does Jesus still heal, today? Will Jesus heal me? Come join us as we review the healing ministry of Jesus as recorded in the NT Gospels. You will discover that healing belongs to everyone who comes to Jesus with a believing heart. This group will offer support and encouragement as you make your healing journey.
“For with God nothing shall be impossible.”
Luke 1:37
Leader: Cookye Rutledge
Forgiven Church, Associate Pastor

Children’s Activities 3rd Floor
A variety of crafts, games and music offered to enrich their faith experiences.

Youth Activities 3rd Floor
A gathering time for study, fellowship, and fun led by Kim Truesdell, Director of Youth Ministry.

Cherub Choir/Wesley Singers
4 years-Kindergarten/1st – 5th Grades
Leader: Phyllis Boester
5:45-6:15 p.m.
Gloria Ringers Room 127
Leader: Phyllis Boester
7:00-7:30 p.m.