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The Power of Prayer

It was such a joy to celebrate with Tom and Pat Gamble on the occasion of their 60th wedding anniversary recently and to see their new apartment out near Parkview Regional Medical Center.  After the fact, Pat called to thank me for coming and to share a story (she gave permission to share).  

It has always been important to Pat, whenever she hears one of the emergency medical helicopters fly overhead, to pray for the patient and all of those involved with their care.  For her, prayer really matters. The other day, she heard one of the helicopters fly over the apartment complex and she naturally turned to prayer. A bit later, a second helicopter.  And by the time she had heard several helicopters fly over, she turned to husband Tom to say: “Something really bad must have happened to have this many folks being transported to the hospital.”  To which Tom replied: “Pat, there haven’t been any helicopters. That’s the guy outside mowing the grass!” 

Well, I guess he needs prayer, too.

When do you pray?  The Apostle Paul says we are to pray without ceasing.  Which means that all of life is to reflect a prayerful attitude toward God.  In all of our coming and going, celebrating and struggling, waking and sleeping, we want our relationship with God to be a priority.  But we also need to be intentional about finding special times to set aside all else and have a conversation with God. That is what prayer is… a conversation.

We speak and we listen.

When do you pray?  Often, I trust.  

Even if it is just for the guy on the mower!


Pastor Cheryl