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The Power of Resurrection

Did you know that “Easter” is not just one Sunday?  While churches around the world may have celebrated the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ on Sunday, April 21, the Easter season extends all through May until Pentecost Sunday, June 9!  

Easter is not just about what happened on that one day.  But what happened on that one day 2000 years ago has meaning every single day.  

Jesus was raised from the dead and broke the bonds of death, but God’s resurrection power is about more than just victory over physical death.  God is working for resurrection in all of the deathly places in our lives and in our world…

Resurrection for broken marriages and damaged relationships.

Resurrection from fear or addiction.

Resurrection of hope where disappointment and failed dreams dwell.

New life… new beginnings… new possibilities… that is resurrection also!

Through faith, Easter is the beginning of new and unexpected things each and every day.  The picture above is from our Palm Sunday service, when the power went out in downtown Fort Wayne just before worship started.  It was dark without the usual electricity, but suddenly folks were pulling out all the candles they could find and the sanctuary began to glow with the light of community and light of Jesus Christ.  Dr. North broke into his jazzy rendition of “This Little Light of Mine, I’m Gonna Let it Shine” and folks were waving the light from their cell phones.  The world’s darkness couldn’t stop the light of faith.  

That’s what resurrection is all about.  Easter’s not over… it’s just beginning!

Resurrection blessings,

Pastor Cheryl